Working With The Students

This task lets students:

  • use their imaginations to change a part of their world, see themselves there and explore how it feels.
  • develop empathy. Seeing themselves in another's world, chances are students will come to care about issues and points of view they didn't even know existed.
  • use multimedia tools to find or create their picture.

The task works well all by itself, as a creative writing assignment. But you could also use it to kick off a project on historical fiction or to develop interest in important global events.

  • Have students look for digital photographs of key moments in history and put themselves in the crowd, or the prison, or signing the declaration.
  • Encourage them to seek out voices and perspectives that have been silent - or silenced.
  • Let them explore competing points of view and alternative ways of presenting their ideas.

Consider extending the "Putting Yourself in the Picture" project and have students create a magazine or photojournal.

  • Each team creates their own magazine, making up their ads and stories. Photos come from home or the Internet. As they work, teams explore:
  • the many ways in which journalists use text and images to report, persuade and even distort.
  • the conventions of print and digital magazines.

This project demands the ability to design and create with digital objects and work together as a team.