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Moving to Greener Pastures

Grechko Bencharsky, my great-great-grandfather was born in 1879 in the Ukraine.  He married Christina Delaney who was also born in the Ukraine. In 1906 they moved to Canada with my great grandfather who was born in 1903, Joseph Bencharsky. In 1926, a young girl named Olga Kryskiw immigrated to Canada and stayed with a family here.  She married Joseph on February 2, 1929.  (Tracey Carpenter, Grechko Bencharsky's great-great-grandaughter)

Photos of Family

Josh talks about the family photographs and pictures of the family farm and how important it is to stay connected. He talks about his grandfather's struggle to come to Alberta after many hardhships. 

Wedding Photo

Brendan shows a photograph taken at his grandparent's wedding. He talks about the importance of being connected with his past.


Brendan's Artifact (video 1.5 MB 0:23)

Wedding Ring

The ring that Nick shows is over 90 years old and has been passed down through the generations.


Nick's Artifact (video 1.8 MB 0:31)


Sydney's father bought this matryoshka doll home from the Ukraine to give to his mother. It is a symbol of Mother, love and fertility. It has a special connection for Sydney because it belongs to her Baba and her Baba's home. Artifacts help to connect us to the past.


Dane describes how the painting is important to him. It is a painting of his grandparents that pre-dates common photography. He talks about how this connects him to the past and also notices how the technology has changed.


Joshua describes books that are important to him. They are about his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle on his mother's side. They describe the invention that allowed sailors measure longitude at sea. Joshua makes a connection to the changes brought about by this invention.

Farming Life

There are many reasons people have to come to Canada.  They left their homelands for many reasons.  Whatever reason they had they all shared the dream of having a better future for themselves.  My name is Carter,  these are some pictures of my great-grampa Sieben.  These pictures were about late 1920's.  These pictures show what life was [like] back then  on the farms.  It is important for us to have these pictures so I can also know the story of my ancestors.  As I grow older I will be able to pass these stories on.  This is making h


Churches are an example of how generations of families can stay connected. I have had my first communion. Going for communion makes you a part of God's family. I go to the Ukranian Catholic Shurch, St. Josphat's. My godfather is Uncle Don and my godmother is Aunty Judy. They are my family. This tradition is a way we stay connected with God, our past, our heritage and helps keep our family history and stories alive. It keeps our family connected.
Connecting Communities Throught Churches (video 1.5 MB 0:29)

Stories Of Our Artifacts

Listen to our stories.  Coming to know the story behind some of the everyday pictures and artifacts from our families have made us realize how important it is to know this history.  If we do not come to know these stories, they will be forgotten and how will we be able to preserve our heritage? 

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