Moving to Greener Pastures

Grechko Bencharsky, my great-great-grandfather was born in 1879 in the Ukraine.  He married Christina Delaney who was also born in the Ukraine. In 1906 they moved to Canada with my great grandfather who was born in 1903, Joseph Bencharsky. In 1926, a young girl named Olga Kryskiw immigrated to Canada and stayed with a family here.  She married Joseph on February 2, 1929.  (Tracey Carpenter, Grechko Bencharsky's great-great-grandaughter)


Sydney's father bought this matryoshka doll home from the Ukraine to give to his mother. It is a symbol of Mother, love and fertility. It has a special connection for Sydney because it belongs to her Baba and her Baba's home. Artifacts help to connect us to the past.

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