Churches are an example of how generations of families can stay connected. I have had my first communion. Going for communion makes you a part of God's family. I go to the Ukranian Catholic Shurch, St. Josphat's. My godfather is Uncle Don and my godmother is Aunty Judy. They are my family. This tradition is a way we stay connected with God, our past, our heritage and helps keep our family history and stories alive. It keeps our family connected.
Connecting Communities Throught Churches (video 1.5 MB 0:29)

Stories Of Our Artifacts

Listen to our stories.  Coming to know the story behind some of the everyday pictures and artifacts from our families have made us realize how important it is to know this history.  If we do not come to know these stories, they will be forgotten and how will we be able to preserve our heritage? 

Connecting With Family

What are our family stories?  What do our families have to say? We interviewed different family members so that we too can come to know these stories and stay connected.  Knowing our history is important. 

Bringing Forward The Past

“Properly worried over, properly cared for and remembered, these things keep coming up,” erupting and interrupting of their own accord, asking for attention, needing something from me, it seems.” (Jardine – On the While of Things)

Staying Connected Then and Now

The "art of communication..." How did our ancestors communicate? What were the technologies of the time? How have they changed? How do you stay connected with your families? What technologies do you use? What has influenced how we stay connected and how has time shifted the ways in which we stay connected? What is your opinion? What do your parents, grandparents think?

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