Connecting Canadians

In partnership with Athabasca University Library, Ukrainian egg pictureGalileo Educational Network worked directly with youth and educators to help students create this interactive, Ukrainian section of the 'Connecting Canadians' web resource.  This does not just rework what is already known in a new medium; rather it combines that which was already known with new knowledge, new understandings and new ways of being in the world, in particular new social networking technologies.

How are descendents of early immigrants finding and connecting with their heritage homeland and with others in Canada with the same heritage? Compared to when heritage language newspapers were one of the only communication methods immigrants had access to, in what ways are today’s social networking technologies changing how new immigrant communities evolve, impact politics and public life, integrate new and old languages and culture, create new institutions and shape new identities?  Through this online forum, students will be able to build on each other’s ideas, provide evidence for their emerging conjectures and theories, question established ideas and publish their work so that others might learn from and contribute to their ideas.